Can't seem to file a ticket to handle licensing renewal & cancellation

Your licensing FAQ says to go here: to handle renewals & cancellations, but all I get is an Access Denied page.

My license is expiring in a few days, so I'd like to know how to get this taken care of.




Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

We'll look into that link, though your post is in the correct place -- this is indeed the best place to ask about licensing (and all other things as well :-)

Which license is it that you're looking to renew?

Any license purchased in 2016 or after will automatically renew, just make sure that the credit card you have on file here is your current one.

For your older license -- you can't actually renew those anymore, what you can do there is purchase a new license, and add it to your server using a command such as this:

virtualmin change-license --serial SERUAL_NUM --key KEY

Feel free to let us know if you have any additional questions!

I'm looking to renew this one on a monthly basis, and cancel my other one. Can you help?

Virtualmin serial number 5559733 Virtualmin license key DijJmTbTu4

Since it's not possible to renew licenses purchased before 2016, what I would suggest is to purchase a new license from the shop, around the time your current license is about to expire.

Then, you can apply it to your server using the command mentioned in the comment above.

Does that make sense? Do you have any questions regarding how to do that?

Ok, I'll try that. Can you please cancel the other monthly one then?


Ah, my apologies, I missed that you had a newer monthly license.

Sure, no problem, I cancel that one. You should be all set now -- let us know if you have any additional questions!

Updated via the CLI as you instructed. Now, the license is showing as updated to the new license information, but it still showing May 7th as when it expires. Help? I even rebooted the server to kick everything, in hopes that it would update.

Virtualmin serial number 5566526 Virtualmin license key BV2gRjgwke Licensed domains 10 Domains left 5 Licensed Virtualmin systems 1 Systems installed on 1 Expiry date 2017-05-07 Days until expiry 1

That will fix itself automatically shortly, though you can force it to re-connect with the license database by clicking the "Re-Check License Status" button on the System Information screen in Virtualmin. You may need to hover over the Virtualmin version to see that button.

Ok, great - thanks!