Fail2ban module +additions


Is it possible to do something with this here? each of my server are running fail2ban individually, it would be great to consolidate them, so that there is saving of resources.. especially if my diff KVM are running on a cloudmin host..

Thanks for your comments_ Rohit



You can do something similar with a dedicated router box (or VM thought this is less secure) and multiple VNETs.

I use a separate machine running pfsense to do most of this.


That is something which i cannot implement presently, the landscape is complicated to achieve that at the moment. moreover everyone does not have their own cloudminor or hypervizor instance.

Are you just looking for a way to distribute fail2ban configs to multiple systems?

If so, Webmin's Cluster Copy Files module can do this.

Oh, I didn't know about that feature. Is it part of the new client / server fail2ban architecture?

No, its a open source third party development..

Ok. In practice, it's unlikely we will support this in the fail2ban module in the near future.