can't see the .htaccess files to the server

i Can't see the .htaccess files to the server



Howdy -- can you describe the problem that you're experiencing exactly?

And can you describe how you're adding the .htaccess file to your site?

Thank you so much i see the problem is that linux Hide .htaccess files.

Great, glad you got that figured out!

You're correct, any files beginning with a "." are not shown in a directory listing in Linux.

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also if you on windows, mac or linux pc/laptop you can use filezilla program which does displays by default all hidden files/folders with dot aka .something. Its sort of gui and clicky thing also its open source and free and you can install then on any linux distro (your laptop or computer not an server) by as example : apt install filezilla. On windows and mac you may need to download some exe or dmg file for that.

Filezilla works nice - it does support sftp (ssh) which is much better and much much more secure then ftp it self. Try it out ;)

please note: I am in no way associated with filezilla at all.

Thank you!!!

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Submitted by unborn on Fri, 04/21/2017 - 11:32 Pro Licensee

np you welcome!