Wrong server name on link to update software

This the text I receive by email when there is an uodate available for my server:

An update to linux-headers-generic from to is available.

An update to linux-headers-virtual from to is available.

An update to linux-image-virtual from to is available.

An update to linux-libc-dev from 4.4.0-67.88 to 4.4.0-70.91 is available.

An update to linux-virtual from to is available.

Updates can be installed at https://cloud01:10000/package-updates/

My server hostname is cloud01.mydomain.com

The link just mention: cloud01 (the subdomain)

Where can I change taht?

thanks in advance, Regards, Michel.



Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

It sounds like you're interested in changing the hostname used in the emails?

To do that, you can go into System Settings -> Virtualmin Config -> Virtualmin URL for use in email messages.

Let us know if that does the trick for you!