Reseller account and cronjob

How a reseller can schedule cronjob for it's own virtualhosts without the need of having webmin access ? Thanks

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Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

Unfortunately, that's not one of the features available to resellers now.

That is, there isn't currently a way for a reseller to be able to edit the cron jobs for it's own domains. It would be necessary to switch to log in as the Virtual Server owner in order to edit those.


Ok but I try to enter as an owner of a virtual domain... where is the place I can schedule cronjob ?

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Submitted by unborn on Fri, 03/24/2017 - 11:18 Pro Licensee

@ extensys

-see the screenshot... last item in a system menu of webmin.


A Virtual Server owner can do that by going into the "Webmin Modules" on the left side of the Virtualmin screen, and then go into "Scheduled Cron Jobs".

If you don't see that there, you can do the same thing by going into Webmin -> System Scheduled Cron Jobs.

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Submitted by unborn on Fri, 03/24/2017 - 11:38 Pro Licensee


is that free or pro version different from screenshot Ive gave to user? in glp version I see it as mentioned on sceenshot..