Reseller Login

I cannot seem to login to my virtualmin reseller account. Has something changed with that? How do I reset my password?



Howdy -- was that an account that you had within port 10000 of

If so -- our apologies, though that's no longer going to work. Here is a message that Joe sent to someone else who ran into this issue. Note that I don't think Joe realized you were still using it though:

The old license manager is no longer compatible with the new shopping cart and license management code, and had to be shut down. You were the last remaining user of that old reseller system, aside from me and Eric and Jamie).

Most of the functionality from it will be added to the license manager here in the next week or two, as I finish writing the code. If you need to make a purchase using your reseller discount, I'll get that sorted out ASAP (can probably get discounts working tomorrow).

Sorry I didn't give you a heads up about it before flipping the switch; I'd kinda forgotten anyone was using the old system, still, and got overwhelmed with the new launch and new versions everything so wasn't even thinking about it the backend system. We never got the old system automated properly, and so we just weren't able to really do anything with a reseller or affiliate type program...hopefully the new system will give us a more reasonable platform to build reseller and affiliate offerings on.

So I should see the discounts when logged into the site here?

Yeah I definitely don't see the discounts. I had not had anyone buy pro it in a while but had someone buy it yesterday. Any chance of getting it sorted out?

Okay, we've applied a discount to your account -- let us know if you have any other questions!

How do I see or use it? The prices all look the same.

It should be automatic. If you put a product in your cart, and then go to checkout screen, you should see the discounted prices there.

If that doesn't work though let us know.

Some time ago, we had stopped using reseller accounts, and moved to just providing discounts based on how many licenses are being issued.

In general, discounts aren't provided until folks are purchasing 5+ licenses a year.

I had talked to Joe, and although you aren't doing 5+ licenses, we decided to give you a discount anyhow since were previously in the reseller program, and you are a long time customer. He suggested we start at 15% based on your current quantity.

That said, I'll give him a yell, share what you mentioned here, and see what he thinks!

Yes please. I need to get this license order placed and I had my prices based off the old %.

I gave Joe a yell regarding that earlier today, I'll let you know what he says.

Okay, here is what we're going to do.

I updated your discount to 26%.

However, there is work being done to automatically tweak discount rates for everyone, based on licenses purchases.

I think that's down the road a bit still, but it's likely to happen eventually.

That will automatically provide discounts to users who buy a lot of licenses -- right now folks have to request to receive discounts.

The downside though, is that would also automatically lower discount for folks who haven't purchased many licenses within a particular time period.

Again, that's down the road a bit -- but I just wanted to give you a heads up that your discount rate could end up going down in the future.

In the meantime, you should be good to go at 26%!

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks. Yeah I unfortunately don't have that many people request pro. I actually push it every time but it's hard with how used to cPanel is. As you can see I definitely do sell them. I will see how it goes. Thanks again!