DAV Configurations

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#1 Mon, 03/06/2006 - 17:12

DAV Configurations

Hi All,

I have installed a fresh copy of fedora 4, ran the updates, installed the retail version of virtualmin, and now I am having severe problems getting webdav to work. I have tried both basic and digest modes, user@domain and vpopmail modes. Each time I have deleted the virtual domains then reconfigured webdav, made a new domain, added a user, enabled dav on both domain and user.

I have downloaded 'litmus' from the webdav site, and I have been able to get it to log in, but it cannot write to any directory.

Currently I'm getting 403 errors ( could not create new collection )

Really sounds like permission errors, but at the same time the debug log for litmus looks as if it only authenticates once for the directory read, then it does not authenticate for the 'put'.... ?

Anyone able to get webdav working successfully? Could you share the working example files?

Thanks! Kevin