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#1 Thu, 01/12/2006 - 14:07

Installing Virtualmin question

Do I need to install webmin, and usermin before installing virtualmin pro, or does that take care of it. Also has the problems with name servers been taken care of if I download a new package. I had to reformat the server again, and have to reinstall the virtualmin pro.

Thu, 01/12/2006 - 20:32
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The Virtualmin Professional install script installs Webmin and Usermin for you. Also, you shouldn't need to reformat the server before attempting a reinstall...there is an uninstall script here:

It should never be run on a system that already has Virtualmin domains defined, but otherwise it is relatively harmless. It just uninstalls all of the packages that we install, so that they can be reinstalled fresh. Part of the reason the installer is taking so long to port to different operating systems is because we're doing it the Right Way...everything complicated happens in a package that can be removed cleanly. So, removing all of the RPMs makes the system behave much like it did before installation (there are a few Webmin configuration changes that don't back out yet on uninstallation, but it's pretty minimal). It was made clear to us from very early on that a big problem people had with other virtual host administration tools is that they are very disruptive to the system and clean uninstallation is extremely difficult.


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