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Sub Domains

The only way i can see to add a subdomain is to create a new server. Is this correct? Does each sub-domain take a license of virtualmin? Is there a way users can edit / add / delete there own subdomains?



Sat, 01/14/2006 - 10:11

Im also wondering how this is done, say I have example.com and want to add forums.example.com as a subdomain how is this accomplished in virtualmin. Personally speaking I dont think that a subdomain should count against the amount of domain licenses someone bought since it's not really a whole domain, more like another folder.

Sat, 01/14/2006 - 17:17
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Hey guys,

There's been some contention about subdomains consuming a domain. The current policy is that aliases do not consume a domain, while subdomains that point to different content do. I'm not wholly committed to this policy--but the problem with changing it is that the difference between "forums.domain.tld" and "www.domainforums.tld" is not currently understood by Virtualmin, as either can be created as subdomains (actually, the term used in Virtualmin for this is "sub-server", since it can be either a subdomain or a different domain, as from a configuration standpoint they are identical) by a user...there is an option to require subdomains to be under the current domain, which I suspect we can extend to allow us to make actual subdomains freebies.

There is a way for users to edit their own subdomains, you just need to enable it in the Edit Owner Limits page. You can select whether the user can create domains with a wholly different name. The options related to subdomain creation are:


[*]&lt;b&gt;Maximum allowed virtual servers&lt;/b&gt; This determines whether the user can create aliases for the parent domain or new sub-servers owned by their account with different content (which will be located in <i>~/domains</i>), and how many. This dictates the maximum for both aliases and real subdomains.[/*]

[*]&lt;b&gt;Maximum allowed alias servers&lt;/b&gt; The maximum number of alias domains the user can create. These never apply to domain license counts, and can only point to the same content as the parent domain. There is always a &quot;www&quot; alias created during initial domain creation, so the domain answers on both domain.tld and www.domain.tld[/*]

[*]&lt;b&gt;Maximum allowed non-alias servers&lt;/b&gt; This is the limit for non-alias subdomains. These domains point to different content, and are located in <i>~/domains</i>, by default.[/*]

[*]&lt;b&gt;Force sub-servers to be under this domain?&lt;/b&gt; It is possible to restrict users to only creating domains within their own domain. For example, <i>forums.domain.tld</i> owned by <i>domain.tld</i>. If this is set to <i>No</i>, the user will be able to create domains owned by their account with any domain name.[/*]


I've just noticed that the Owner Limits page doesn't have online help. That will be corrected in the next day or so. We definitely want online help for every option on every page.


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