Suse 9.3 Update Steps?

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#1 Mon, 01/02/2006 - 19:03

Suse 9.3 Update Steps?

Purchase 2.97 right before christmas and so far so good.

I would like to update to version 3.01, but need a bit of help understanding the steps to do this.

Since this is a Suse machine, yast was the method used to install.

I can install Yum on the machine if needed.

Can anyone give me the steps to do this upgrade? A yast update does not seem to be the trick.


John P

Mon, 01/02/2006 - 21:01


I am running SuSE 10.0. When I do an update I just use yast and do as search for webmin it should return a list of installed packages and a what is new (highlited in blue). If there is a newer version on the left side is an icon like a padlock that is shown on my system I then click on the padlock to get the reinstall or update icon showing instead of the padlock and accept the choice. If you look under help it will explain what each of the icons used in yast are. I have had no problems updating this way.

Mon, 01/02/2006 - 21:04


When yast is doing an online update it only checks it's own repositorties not the installation sources. This makes it hard to just do an update. I have not been able to find away around this action. So I do what is in the above post.

Mon, 01/02/2006 - 21:31


Thank you for your help. Your method worked perfectlly.

Thanks again,

John P.

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