how to fix this?

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#1 Fri, 12/30/2005 - 20:37

how to fix this?

The signup email cannot be sent to this server owner, as it is disabled in the server's template.

Where is 1. the servers template, and 2. what am I looking for in the template?

Also when it does send out emails, the plainpass doesnt work, it just says {plainpass}

Sat, 12/31/2005 - 17:09


To change the action of the create server as far as sending the owner a create e-mail do the following.

1) Select the virtualmin menu.
2) select the server templets
3) Select the default templet.
A page will come up with the title EDIT SERVER TEMPLATE.
A little over half way down this page there is a section with two entries in it.
The first additional e-mail address for monitoring messages.
The second send e-mail to sever owner. Change this from No to Yes.

4) Save the templet. NOTE: From this point on untill you change it a e-mail will be sent to the owner of the server each time a server is created in virtualmin.

The default is to send the e-mail to is the administrators mail box. The problem with this is that the owner will not have access to this mail box yet as he will not have the login information. While you are creating the server there is a selection for contact e-mail. You will need to set this to a mail box that the owner can access.

After making sure that the owner has the create e-mail you can change this back to the administrators mail box by editing the server if that is were the owner wants the contact e-mail to go.

The send e-mail is one of the last things that the script does before it complets so that all the needed information is included.

You can edit what is sent in the default templet.

Fri, 01/06/2006 - 15:42

just to add to this a bit more.
The 'send updated email' function for a[b>user</b> will not send out an already set password.
If you set a new password for the user then it will work correctly.
I'm assuming this is because the passwords are encrypted and cannot be decrypted.

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