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#1 Sun, 12/04/2005 - 16:56

FreeBSD Pre-Sales Question...

I am very interested in purchasing Virtualmin Pro, however, I am running on a FreeBSD 5 system.

My system is while somewhat customized, I think will migrate with some work to your new system (I am already running Virtualmin) without extensive work.

I am curious, if I will be able to get support if I buy it right now, however...

I also would be happy to work with your team to submit some of the "gotchas" I have observed with Webmin/Virtualmin and help with the system package utilities with FreeBSD if desired.

Fri, 03/31/2006 - 14:15

I sent an e-mail regarding FreeBSD and Virtualmin and have not recieved a reply. Is there any news on this?

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