Roundcube use with MySQL or SQLite discussion

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#1 Wed, 02/22/2017 - 11:39

Roundcube use with MySQL or SQLite discussion

In the process of migrating from a WHM/Cpanel setup to a new Virtualmin setup. Traditionally I have used MySQL for the Roundcube database on my cpanel servers. But the other day when I logged into WHM, I got a notice that roundcube can be updated to stop using mysql and switch to sqlite. The are some positives to this, one being that each user gets their own private database for roundcube mail/settings.

More cpanel info:

So, that got me thinking, can I update the accounts that have already been migrated over to my new virtualmin? Or can I even setup roundcube to use sqlite within virtualmin? Also, I have a central location for all users to access a single global roundcube install, how would sqlite affect this setup?

Findings thus far: - No option to install roundcube with sqlite from within virtualmin

Wanted to get some thoughts/opinions about this? Should this be a new feature request?

Thanks, Sam