Adding Virtualmin Systems to be managed by Cloudmin

I am having quite an issue finding some documentation to help me configure Cloudmin with Virtualmin system management. We current are customers of Virtualmin Pro. I have setup a Cloudmin server that I would like to use to manage many Virtualmin instances. Unfortunately I cannot find any documentation to properly configure the system.

I will not be using cloudmin to install any virtual machines, I just want to manage Virtualmin instances. The Cloudmin documentation states "Once you have systems registered with Cloudmin that run Virtualmin, you can use the Cloudmin interface to create, find and manage domains on those systems." However, when I go to register my Virtualmin instance there is no option to register a machine that is running on VmWare. The documentation states "In addition, it can manage and monitor real (non-virtual) systems, although not all functions are available."

Can you provide me with some guidance to configure cloudmin to manage Virtualmin using VmWare? I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you soon.




Howdy -- sorry for the trouble setting up Cloudmin, though we're happy to helpl!

Take a peek at this here:

That goes over how to add Webmin and Virtualmin systems into Cloudmin.

There's some additional options on that page under the current section that may also be helpful.

Once you've gotten one or more hosts added, you may then want to take a peek at this:

Thanks for the information. However the option to "Add System" is not an option on Cloudmin that I see. The only option that resembles this is "New System", but the options are only to "Add KVM Instance". Do you know where this option I need is located?

Ah, I'm wondering if maybe the wrong Cloudmin version is installed there.

Do you by chance recall which install script was used to install that?

Also, what is the output of this command:

dpkg -l 'server-manager'

I used this bash script to install Cloudmin:

I just setup a brand new cloudmin server with this:

I am still seeing the same issue. I do not see anywhere that I can add systems. Is there something that is completely missing?

Ah, yeah that's the issue... those install scripts aren't installing the Cloudmin version that you're seeking.

They're installing Cloudmin GPL, where you have the Cloudmin Connect product.

Cloudmin GPL is designed to be able to install and manage KVM instances on one particular server.

What you'd want to do is go into Account -> Software Licenses, and there you can download the install script for Cloudmin Connect.

Ok, that makes a LOT more sense. Thanks for your help. As a general statement I have to say that your products work very well, but the documentation needs work. I find it very difficult to find up to date documentation sometimes.

Thank for your help again.

Thanks for the feedback!

Documentation is definitely an area we'd like to improve upon, and here is definitely an example of that.

Or it could at least be clearer what Cloudmin version is being downloaded/installed. We'll take a closer look into that!