MySQL Management Problems.

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#1 Sat, 11/19/2005 - 12:52

MySQL Management Problems.

Hi Everyone.

I already opened a bug on this topic. But i wanted to throw it out if someone else is having similar problems.

The management of MYSQL Database under users is Not working.

When you click the MYSQL module in webmin for a user who has been created using Virtualmin, it asks for a password.

Now this was working fine before, i had checked it, so a recent update has probably something to do with it. (I have no updated MYSQL)

In the virtualmin, the option to Edit Databases:

User can Create Database fine. It even shows up in the databases list. The user cannot MANAGE the DB.

Now this is wierd also because the older Databases being accessed by the Database Username and Password (the same as the users webmin user/pass) are being accessed fine also.

The user cannot login to MYSQL Module in Webmin...

When i login to the Webmin module using root (master Admin) i can see the MYSQL module and everything looks good.

Sun, 11/20/2005 - 18:18


Just an update for everyone.

If you are having problems with your MYSQL. Here is the file to update it ASAP.

Just go to your Webmin Configuration and install as a new module.


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