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#1 Sun, 11/13/2005 - 16:16

Virtualmin Basic

I have recently begun to use the basic Virtualmin as a plugin module to Webmin. I have a dedicated server with just a few sites that I own. I do not think I would see much benefit from the Pro version for my limited use. Now that Virtualmin has gone pro, what does that mean for the previous version?

I saw this listed on the website..

09/12/2005 Virtualmin has gone Pro! Visit to find out more. We're now providing two versions of Virtualmin, one GPL and one proprietary with additional features. The GPL version will trail development of the proprietary version by some amount.

Is the previous version the GPL version referred to in the above?

Will the basic Virtualmin module remain compatible with Webmin's updates?

Sun, 11/13/2005 - 20:28

Like it says on the website. The development WILL occur but it will probably be a little bit slower. Since the first priority is Virtualmin Pro.

Having said that, if you think the Virtualmin GPL works for you, GREAT ... because as time passes the GPL version *WILL* incorporate the features that are currently in the Pro Version. So you can always bet the GPL version is well tested and rock solid ;)


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