Virtualmin install on box with existing vsites

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#1 Wed, 11/09/2005 - 09:52

Virtualmin install on box with existing vsites

Hi all, I installed Virtualmin into Webmin on a FreeBSD6.0 box which already has a number of virtual sites installed and successfully running. My question is how can I make Virtualmin see the existing virtual sites? Is this even possible? Regards & TIA, -Colin

Wed, 11/09/2005 - 10:41
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Hi Colin,

Yes, there is a quite nice mechanism in Virtualmin to import existing domains from Apache virtual host configuration (plus various other configurations), though it won't necessarily be able to completely recognize all of your decisions--there are so many possible ways to setup accounts, permissions, groups, mailboxes, etc. that figuring them all out in software is darned near impossible, though Virtualmin does a pretty good job in my experience. If your domains were setup similarly to the way Virtualmin sets them up, most everything will just work. It accepts a number of arguments when you are performing the import, as well, so if you know all of the specifics of the way your domains are configured you'll likely be able to get a complete import without much trouble.

The import feature won't cause any changes to occur on your system, until you make changes using Virtualmin, so it is safe to try it on a single domain to see how well your accounts get imported. And if you run into problems, bring them up here and we'll try to help. One thing you'll definitely want to do is be sure that all of your services are correctly configured in Webmin. If you have installed Apache, for example, in a different location than is the default for your OS, or if you have multiple instances, Virtualmin may not know where to go for information. Incorrect locations will probably get caught by the Virtualmin Check Configuration stage, but multiple instances might not.

Oh, yes, the button you're looking for is right on the front page and is labeled "Import Virtual Server". This feature exists in both Virtualmin GPL and Virtualmin Professional.

It has some brief documentation at the top of the page, and now that I realize I didn't write complete online help for this page, I'll plan to get some written and into the next release.

BTW-This is such a good question I've added it to the FAQ.


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