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Hello, I really screwed up a system because I wasn't sure how to add subdomains using virtulman, is there a place to get documentaion for that? If so could you leave me some links. I tried searching google but didn't find much.

Thanks -William

Sun, 10/23/2005 - 17:44
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Hey William,

Don't panic. There's not a whole lot of real damage one can do with the Apache virtual hosts configuration.

The basic concepts are the same, no matter what tool you use to set them up (and a "screwed up" configuration will probably take a little direct configuration file modification in a text editor). You can start with the Apache chapter of the Webmin docs here:

In Virtualmin, creating a subdomain is quite easy, though there are a couple of ways to go about it. If you want the domain owner to be able to create their own subdomains, you have to grant them that privilege during domain account creation or after creation in the "Edit server limits" page. The option is called "Can create and edit sub-servers?"

As an administrator you create a sub-server (which can be a sub-domain, or a whole other domain managed by the same user) by selecting the domain owner account that will own the domain in the "Add new virtual server, owned by:" dropdown. A domain owner can only create sub-servers, and so will only have a "Add new virtual server" button--all servers will be sub-servers.

As I mentioned, there is a second way to end up with a sub-server, though it is merely an alias for the existing domain. In this case, there is a "Create alias server" button in the Edit Server page.

Hope this helps. If you have specific questions about your current configuration, feel free to ask. There's not much more I can tell you without knowing exactly what is "screwed up" about your current configuration--that can mean a lot of things, and my definition of "screwed up" is probably quite a bit different than others.


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