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I'm using Virtualmin v 2.601, over Red Hat Linux (updated version of ES)

1) When I create a new virtual server (1 IP address) I get the errors:

Setting up scheduled Webalizer reporting .. .. Webalizer reporting failed! : Unsupported file or mode] at ../ line 715.

Setting up log file rotation ..

.. Log file rotation failed! : Unsupported file or mode] at ../ line 715.

Webalizer is installed.

2) Also, I enabled user quotas in Linux, but if I leave the default "Total quota for entire server" and "Quota for Unix user" as "none" in the virtual server creation form, then I get an error saying that quota is not setup or invalid.

3) If I already had a virtual server with the directives: NameVirtualHost *:80


VirtualHost *:80 some virtual host here /VirtualHost

Then, when I add a new virtual host thru Virtualmin I get appended:

NameVirtualHost myip:80


VirtualHost myip:80 some virtual host here /VirtualHost

and the overall effect is that if we go to "" the pages will be displayed as redirected to "".


Wed, 08/31/2005 - 23:06
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Hi John,

Number 1 I've seen before a few times, but I don't recall the exact solution--I believe there's probably a misconfiguration of the Webalizer Webmin module...Worth checking. I know I saw this recently in the 2.76 Virtualmin Professional version on a system that didn't have Webalizer installed. So there's a known bug (#6 in the bug tracker) in the handling of Webalizer problems, that will get fixed as soon as I've had a chance to provide Jamie with a system where it is easy to reproduce...but a workaround is to solve whatever problem is keeping webalizer from getting configured correctly.

Number 2 is also a bug. I believe it has been fixed in 2.76, and the fix will get rolled back into a 2.6x release as soon as we can wrap up the product and get all the subsequent fires from the release put out. Workaround is to always fill in 0 in the quota fields. They will disappear every time you save, but I think it works OK.

Number 3 is just a quirk of setting up virtuals without Virtualmin and then setting up others with Virtualmin. You can fix it by removing the VirtualHost *:80 line and moving the VirtualHost myip:80 line up above all of your existing virtual hosts. Restart Apache, and all should be well. (And Virtualmin will continue to be able to create domains without trouble.)


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