'Manually Edit' DNS Button as Client


I have always used the 'Manually Edit' button to edit DNS zone files...particularly for SPF records...as the administrator. See attached.

However, a client just reported that they don't see the 'Manually Edit' button, at all.

I logged in as the client and verified the veracity of that claim.


1) Why is it missing for clients? There is probably a good reason...

2) If I want to make that button available to client admins, how would I do that?

Thanks in advance,




Howdy -- I believe you can set that by going into Administrator Options -> Edit Owner Limits, and there set "Can Edit DNS Records".

After setting that, do you get access to the option you're after?


I checked that setting. It was already enabled.

I tried de-selecting the option->save->select option->save. But that didn't work either.

When I log in as the client, no button for manual edit.

As it is, if a client wants to change an SPF record, they have to delete and recreate the record.

I'm not sure of the security/risk implications of this...


Jamie, if "Can Edit DNS Records" is enabled, are there other factors which might prevent the domain owner from seeing an option to edit DNS records?

Only the root user can manually edit DNS records, due to the possibility of this being used to create a config that could break the DNS zone.