Missing language variable mysql_elist in postfix/lang

I've hit this bug when trying to install virtualmin on a server, where postfix is already using virtual maps for users/mail addresses with an other mysql database scheme.

In virtualmin, I get an empty page showing only "Error" and two hr lines, when I click on "Refresh system information" and "Edit Ftp users".

In short:
you have to add e.g.
mysql_elist=SQL error : $1
on line 872 of postfix/lang/en

Trace of debugging:
Search for error when clicking on "Refresh system information"

in virtual-server/collect-lib.pl" line 91
local $daliases = &count_domain_aliases(1);

in virtual-server/feature-mail.pl "sub count_domain_aliases" line 3996
foreach my $v (&list_virtusers())

using webmin/virtual-servers/config:mail_system=0

in virtual-server/feature-mail.pl "sub list_virtusers" line 935
local $svirts = &postfix::get_maps($virtual_type)

in postfix/postfix-lib.pl line 58
if ($postfix_version >= 2) {
$virtual_maps = "virtual_alias_maps";

in postfix/postfix-lib.pl:716:sub get_maps
line 774:
if (!$cmd || !$cmd->execute()) {

So I've found out, that there is no text string "mysql_elist" in postfix/lang

I added
mysql_elist=SQL error : $1
on line 872 of postfix/lang/en

Now I get a reasonable error when doing in virtualmin "Edit FTP Users" or "Refresh system information":
SQL error : Fehler in der SQL-Syntax.
Bitte die korrekte Syntax im Handbuch nachschlagen
bei 'and status = '1'' in Zeile 1

That's a clear error message, as I use another database scheme for users in MySQL, cause I wanted to change from webcyradm to virtualmin ...

Closed (fixed)