Virtualmin/Webmin unaccessable after adding IPv6 address to eth0 network interface

Using the Network Interfaces tool in Webmin, I added an IPv6 address to my Virtualmin server. After restarting the server, I am unable to access the Virtualmin/Webmin interface. I can still access the server via SSH. And the websites hosted on the server can still be accessed. When I check the status of Webmin, it shows that it failed to start (see attached).

I have tried manually removing the IPv6 entry from the network interfaces file, but webmin still fails to start.

I'm locked out of my server.


Any advice would be appreciated.



Howdy -- what error are you seeing in /var/webmin/miniserv.error when that happens?

Well, the last line in the error file reads: "Failed to initialize SSL connection." But that seems to be an old entry. Trying to start the webmin service does not seem to be generating anything any any of the webmin log files.

Can you attach your /etc/webmin/miniserv.conf file to this bug report?

new253.49 KB

Attached is the requested file. I does not appear to have been updated since right before the reboot that has me locked out. I've tried several times to start the webmin service, but it fails every time.