Webmin error after latest updates

Good day! This morning I updated (2) of my production servers. After the update I am not able to connect to webmin anymore :-( I have rebooted one of the server and still cannot login into webmin, blank page with a "error" message.

Any idea?


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Closed (fixed)


Seem like the "Authentic Theme" was the cause for this problem after updating webmin this morning... So I decided to switch back to the framed theme. I managed by editing in webmin the files miniserv.conf ( preroot_root=virtual-framed-theme ) and config (theme_root=virtual-framed-theme) .

Now I can login on both webmin server!


Howdy -- what if you run this command:

mkdir /etc/webmin/authentic-theme

Does that resolve your issue?

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Thanks Andreycheck, all fixed now, will keep a note of your reply.

Okay, that's a bug that comes up in this current theme version, Ilia has committed a fix for the next version to prevent that from occurring.