Virtualmin license upgrade

I have purchased a license for 50 sites upgrading from 10. I have tried to do it myself but have failed. Can you please apply the new license to my server for me and cancel the 10 user license? Thank you.



Can you please update your server for 50 sites?

Howdy -- sorry for the trouble in adding the new license!

You can apply the new license to your server with this command:

virtualmin change-license --serial SERIAL_NUM --key LICENSE_KEY

It can take a few hours before your server and the license manager sync up, but it will happen automatically.

Alternatively, if you wish to speed that process up, you can select the "Re-Check License Status" option on the System Information page.

We tried all of that and it doesn't work.

Can you share what output you're receiving when clicking the "Re-Check License Status button? That would help us troubleshoot what the problem there is exactly, as that button normally fixes that issue pretty quickly.

Hi there,

Where is the "Re-Check License Status" option on the System Information page?

We're happy to help Pagio, could you start a new request though? This one is a couple of years old. Thanks!