Moving from Sendmail to Postfix

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#1 Thu, 10/27/2016 - 02:51
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Moving from Sendmail to Postfix

I have been using sendmail for a while on several servers delivering mail in a Maildir format.

I am now migrating across to Postfix. Everything works with the exception of delivery to existing email accounts (all set up within virtualmin). New accounts work perfectly but but emails to existing accounts return an error saying that the user is not in the virtual aliases table.

I have tried adding the mappings manually. This didn't work. I have tried simply overwriting the users and aliases by restoring a backup. Nada. Finallly I deleted the whole domain accounts and restored the backup I had just taken. No effect.

Does anyone know of a way to 'import' all of the currently configured email addresses to the postfix virtual map?

Thanks in advance.