Apache can't edit files.

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#1 Fri, 10/21/2016 - 09:36

Apache can't edit files.

Hello, I have trouble with the file access - folders and files are not accessible from apache.

OS and Virtualmin Ver.: - Ubuntu 16.04 - Virtualmin 5.04 (GPL)

Apache run by: - user: www-data - group: www-data

FTP files & folders are owned by the virtual server user: - user: vs1 - group: vs1

When I edit/upload files from ftp user vs1 there is not a problem, but when i try to upload images etc. from my CMS apache return error with the file permissions. I tried to run apache (global server) by vs1 and everything works fine, but on this way others virtual servers doesn't work correctly.

Is there way to run only virtual server apache web server from his user - vs1 (I find this option only for the global Apache webserver), or any other way to fix this problem ?

Best Regards, Jacob