Brand new at VM Pro

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#1 Wed, 10/19/2016 - 18:25

Brand new at VM Pro

First post so please bare with me. I have spent 2 weeks trying to solve all these problems. Most were just trying to restore / fix an old install of fedora 13 from 2010 Think my harddrive failed.

So I have new drives, newish computer, this is home server, worked so well for 6 years I forgot everything I did to get it going.

Centos 6, latest Virtualmin pro paying monthly. ,

Problems: mysql, proftpd, ssh, certificates etc. dont even get a test html page

Looked all over youtube, isnt there anyone that has step by step for at home server, I cant loopback on current router from att so use phone at times. Or vm link.

I have searched all over net but most everything is old. Please help !

Thank you

Thu, 10/20/2016 - 03:26
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Virtualmin can configure private IP addresses, while using the public IP for DNS records (and can configure DynDNS if you're on a home network and can't host DNS locally but can receive web requests). That's be what you'd want to do here. You'd either need to setup zones in BIND or just add your domains to you hosts file on your local machine(s) (the latter is what I usually do for a local test install of Virtualmin).

Also, old docs and questions are probably not out of date in these areas...IP management and DynDNS has been around for many years in Virtualmin and hasn't changed much.

You may also want to open up a support ticket, if you need some more direct hand-holding. Since you're a Virtualmin Professional customer, you can open as many support tickets as you need, to get things running nicely.


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Thu, 10/20/2016 - 10:54

OK, Thank you Joe. My IP rarely changes so I just have it listed in zoneedit. At some point I would like to use dyndns but think it cost money. This isn't a for profit web so need cost down, though I would buy a book / video if someone out there had it / pertained to my setup.

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