Nameserver being added can't find where from

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#1 Fri, 09/30/2016 - 11:20

Nameserver being added can't find where from

So I have 3 servers currently running webmin/virtualmin 1.8

blue, purple, and orange.

purple and blue are both hosting servers orange is DNS nameserver Only.

I have 3 problems.

Problem 1: I have them setup so that if I add a domain to blue, it slaves to purple and orange and adds the name servers as blue and orange this works fine. I have purple setup the same way, it slaves to blue and orange and a new domain for some reason adds the nameservers blue and orange....?????? it does not add ns for purple.

Bind does not mention blue anywhere in the settings other than to send the DNS as a slave record domain templates are set to add a ns for the hostname and an additional ns of orange the template does not mention blue at all.

I cannot find where it's getting blue as a nameserver for domains on purple.

Problem 2: when I set everything up the hostname, FQDN, and rDNS are all set correct, when i reboot the server now the hostname gets reset to just purple, the FQDN and rDNS stay just the local hostname is being changed. this is throwing mismatch errors on mail settings when i run a DNS check. can;t locate whats changing this. any idea's?

Problem 3: when I initially installed webmin on blue, Quota's were not activated on the server. I have since had the server owner add quota's to my VPS. how do I make sure it's setup in webmin/virtualmin to use the quota's now?