Allow more LVM LV creation sizes

One problem with the current LVM module is there is often no way to use an entire physical volume. So, say I have two physical volumes, P1 and P2, and, I want to use all of PV1, it's size is 460.1 GB

Well, there is no way ti exactly use that amount.

From the command line, one can use:

lvcreate -l 100%PVS -n Data MainVG /dev/md0

as an example, this will exactly consume 100% of the size of the physical volume.

What I am doing here is a more advanced config. One PV is raid, the other is not. So, I want to consume 100% of the raid PV for data, and, none of the non raid PV. The non raid PV will be used for snapshots as there is no reason to raid them.

Closed (fixed)