Magento Install Script

Magento Install script fails when "Install Sample Data" is set to yes with

Failed to install script : Download of failed : HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found

Even when not installing sample data it also fails. Please check the screen shot



This is a small bug in the installer - Magento versions 2 and above don't have sample data available. You can select not to have this downloaded on the script installation page.

Even when not installing sample data, installer fails with error in screen shot attached

Which PHP execution mode do you have selected for that domain?

Does not work even with CGI mode

Does other website content work within this particular domain?

For example, if you create a file named test.php and put that in your public_html directory, then give it the following contents:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Are you able to access and view that test.php file from your browser? Or does that generate an error?

Yes, Even magento runs fine but I have to install it manually. Wordpress script runs fine and installs.

Its just that the magento's setup has to be done manually as the script fails. This is happening with all domains.

If you still need a link to file with phpinfo do let me know

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