How to Allow only 3 top level domains and unlimited subdomains to user

I can create a account plan for Unlimited Top Level Domains and also for a Single Top Level Domain.

But How do I create a package for providing user with only 3 top level domains ?

I am even unable to limit user to single domain

I have the configuration of account plan for single domain as attached image



Oh, so you do you mean you want to allow the user to create say , and AND some number of sub-domains under those, but no more extra top-level domains? Right now that isn't possible in Virtualmin, sorry.

Yes, you got me exactly right. I think this is a required feature for anyone to sell hosting based on virtualmin.

And also is there an option to limit user to only 1 top level domain. eg and any number of sub domians but no more top level domains.

You might want to look into the reseller feature in Virtualmin - it can support limits on the number of top-level domains already.

Can you please explain which part is control for top level domains? If I set "Maximum virtual servers" to something then I can create either that many top level domains or subdomains.

Can you please explain how to achieve an account which can have 3 top level domains eg ,, and unlimited subdomains for all 3 domains.

I am unable to achieve this even with reseller accounts.

At the time of account creation I know only one domain and not other 2.

The maximum Virtual Server feature is for one account -- that refers to Virtual Servers and Sub-Servers that a given user is allowed to have within their account.

Virtual Server owners aren't able to create top-level Virtual Servers though.

Also, an account only includes one top-level Virtual Server. They can have as many Virtual Servers (domains) as you allow, but they can only have one top-level Virtual Server.

To give someone the ability to create multiple top-level Virtual Servers, you would want to look into the Reseller feature, which you can see in System Settings -> Reseller Accounts.

@andreychek I think you didnt get what I want to say. we are actually confusing with Top level Virtual Servers and top level domains.

I know when we create a account we specify a domain which is a top level virtual server (eg Now the user can add, etc as sub servers. Right ?

But I want to limit the user to ability to add only 2 more top level domains (eg & and unlimited number of sub domains (eg ... w100., ... I was informed that this was not possible in virtualmin by Jamie.

Now I want to create a reseller account which can add 3 top level domains and unlimited subdomains.

Please dont confuse top level domains with top level virtual servers and sub domains with sub servers.

I hope I made it clear this time. If there is still some confusion, I can provide you access to my server to set this up.

I see, I re-read what you said above and I think I understand now.

Yeah from Virtualmin's point of view, a domain and a sub-domain are the same thing.

There unfortunately isn't a way to distinguish between those two things.

So you could limit the number of Virtual Servers, or aliases -- but it's not possible to restrict based on whether something is a domain, or a sub-domain. Sorry!

Above, I know Jamie said that resellers could limit the number of top-level domains. I think he misunderstood, and was referring to top-level Virtual Servers though, since Virtualmin doesn't distinguish between domains and sub-domains.

Thanks for info.

Where can I limit a reseller to top level virtual servers ?

Also in account plans there is "Allow sub-servers not under this domain?". I have set this to No. but I can still add domains not under this top level virtual server.

This was working on Virtualmin GPL last month though it doesnt work now (just checked).

A reseller is essentially an admin account that has full control over any accounts they setup.

So if they create a top-level Virtual Server, they would also be able to create Sub-Servers within that account.

Regarding "Allow sub-servers not under this domain?" -- make sure you choose the "Save and Apply" option after setting that.

The account plan was created before adding top level virtual server. I have tested this with even new setup on CentOS and Ubuntu but this doesnt seem to work for now.

I added the plan with "Allow sub-servers not under this domain?" set to No.

Then added domain with the account plan.

Then logged in as owner and added and it added it.

Do you want to look into it ?

Hmm, Jamie may need to comment on this one to be sure, but I think that could be a typo in the Virtualmin description.

I don't think it means "sub-server".

I think it should be "sub-domain".

That is, I think it will allow or

What it won't allow, is adding if another user owns the domain

In order to be able to add, the domain couldn't be added to another account.

Yeah we'll have to get Jamie's input on that. If it's not working the way it should, he would have more information on why that might be the case.

I was actually in hurry cause I have to handover the server to client. Its almost 00:00 here and I have just about 8 hours left. I just hope we can find a way to fix this even though with a temporary hack.

Wish I had worked on perl ever before.

Any update on "Allow sub-servers not under this domain?" not working. I think this is a big bug which needs to be fixed urgently. I am unable to give access to users cause of this.

Regarding the "allow sub-servers" option, that only takes effect when logging in as the owner of the top-level domain. It should prevent creation of servers that aren't sub-domains of the parent ... but it doesn't apply to root or to resellers.