Virtualmin - Full Server Setup

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#1 Fri, 09/09/2016 - 08:41

Virtualmin - Full Server Setup

Is there anyone who can help me set up Virtualmin on a VPS. The stack I would like to deploy is Nginx, PHP7 and MariaDB, unless otherwise recommended. I need Virtualmin to be setup for commercial hosting, optimized for Wordpress.

The server must include everything YOU would consider a requirement for a commercial service. That means robust security, CDN, email, DNS, SSL (Lets Encrypt) and resource management and disaster recovery (backups of virtual servers, backup of VPS). Also required is the migration of virtual servers from an existing Virtualmin server on the same VPS host provider.

I will be using Virtualmin Pro

Please email me at ph4ns3n[at]

Thank you

Thu, 12/01/2016 - 18:01

Has someone helped you do this?

Sat, 12/16/2017 - 04:08 (Reply to #2)

Sorry i missed your message - only just saw your reply :D

No. I gave up on this after trying it myself a few times and realizing that nginx wasn't really worth it. I've stuck to apache with php7 and mariadb

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