Can't login into webmin after server reboot with webmin version 1.801-1 and virtualmin 5.03

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#1 Tue, 07/26/2016 - 11:14

Can't login into webmin after server reboot with webmin version 1.801-1 and virtualmin 5.03

I'v been using webmin+virtualmin on several servers for quite some time. 3 weeks ago aprox. we upgraded some servers to the new webmin and virtualmin versions and apply the new authentic-them. This last weekend we do a scheduled reboot of these server. Only one is presenting a login problem. You can connect to webmin, but when you enters your credentials the browser keeps waiting forever. I'm suspecting that the new theme could be the problem.

By now I have mirrored the server to another for testing, so this what I've done:

Try to force a reinstall, without removing webmin, by issuing yum resintall webmin; but it get stuck in applying post install script. In fact a process called run_postinstall appears to do something as it uses some CPU ~10-20% but it never ends.

Force uninstalled webmin only by rpm -e --nodeps webmin and then install by rpm -ivh webmin; with the same results.

I've noticed that for each session that I tried to login it creates a process called, which is ok, but it keeps running using 10%-20% CPU, but if leave this for I will I noticed an increase on memory usage, draining memory resources.

I will try now to change the default theme in miniserv.conf

If some could give me hand on this I will appreciate.

Kindest Regards Jaime Ferrer

Tue, 07/26/2016 - 11:38

I've change the default root theme to gray-them, then i could log in. I'm seeing now a lots of File Not found errors in miniserv.error, like some gif missing and js files missing, inside /unauthenticated/js/ and /images/modules/webmin/ directories.

Tue, 07/26/2016 - 16:52

Finally, after several tries and errors, I decided to restore webmin files to a previous version. We have this server backed up using bacula. So first I restore webmin files to a date before the server was rebooted, but the problem continues. So I decided to restore to a date before we updated webmin and virtualmin (Jun 23rd) and then It starts to work again. So something must went wrong during the upgrade process, that after a server reboot, it's stop working. (My suspicious point to the authentic-theme.. but it's hard to tell)

So, I share this story for someone that could have the same problem.

Finally, just to confirm before I apply this to the production server, which folders/files could be restored to keep user/domain configuration and data? (Well data is kept in separate folders, so there is no problem with that, but autoreply messages are managed within virtualmin). Actually I'm restoring these folders:

/etc/webmin/ /usr/libexec/webmin/ /var/webmin/

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