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Backup file owner

Hello....I have a schedule backup every night in server and works just fine. I want after the backup finishes to download the file to my local NAS server. I am having this problem though. Backup file cannot downloaded from any of my FTP users because it is has owner root...I am able to download it only with sftp and root login. I don't want this....How can I make a simple FTP user to download this file. I want this because my NAS has the option to synchronize folders through ftp but it can't connect to remote with SFTP....So I need an FTP user to be able to download backup files....

Can anyone help me please??

Tue, 06/21/2016 - 03:38
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I think you can setup scheduled backup to be uploaded via ftp to remote location. When you click in virtualmin backup virtual servers - Edit Scheduled Backup - Destination and format you need to select there on that tab ftp server. Fill username and password of your ftp on your NAS. As root will create backup archive file, and push it to your nas logged into ftp as your nas ftp user, files on your nas becomes owned by your ftp nas user. Also this way you should not need to connect from your NAS as this way its your server which connects to your NAS. I hope so this helps.

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Thu, 06/23/2016 - 22:58
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If you don't want to have Virtualmin make the copy, you can use the "Command to run after backup" to make it owned by whatever user you like; as long as you're backing it up somewhere that the user in question has access to, you'll be able to FTP in and grab it. But, I'd recommend you use ssh with keys.


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