Cloudflare Integration

The page says:

Plus, we’ve made integration into any hosting control panel straightforward. We offer integrations for cPanel, WHMCS, Odin Plesk Panel 12 and above, Interworx and ISPSystems, which means that if you’re using one of these control panels, you can get started with CloudFlare within five minutes. Alternatively, if you’re using a custom control panel, we have an API for integration.

Would love to see Webmin/Virtualmin in that list. For now all that I could find on related to Cloudflare was this discussion of 4 years ago:



That's not a bad idea, assuming Cloudflare has a public API.

Is your idea that for a new domain, Cloudflare would be automatically configured and DNS setup to proxy all web requests to the Virtualmin system?

It has a pretty straightforward API --- though one solution for people who want to do this (and what I'm doing since we're a Cloudflare certfied host) is to use WHMCS - people can provision Cloudflare through that interface. It's been working fine for us for people to add Cloudflare front ends to their shared accounts, etc.

It gets a LITTLE messy because you get two choices for integration -- you can either provision at Cloudflare and then make them the DNS servers for the domain (this is best) or you go through making a few CNAMES, etc. in your DNS records and then routing your www name through Cloudflare and back to your origin server. Take a look at

I'll add this to our todo list, and update this ticket with progress.

It would definitely be useful to at least be able to manage Cloudflare DNS entries. Glad to see someone has already brought it up.

Was any progress made with this or is still dormant on the todo list?

Still on the todo list, but we haven't forgotten about it!

Is there a possible ETA? This is the one feature that is pushing me towards paid panels like cpanel Id make the module myself but my experience with perl is literally none, ive done alot in other languages but ive got alot on my plate and cant create the module right now ):

seems it has been more than 2 years when this post was created, still no progress?

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Submitted by stom on Sun, 12/16/2018 - 04:15

I would also like to note my interest for this feature.


Are there any updates?

My hosting service would really benefit from this. Please keep me updated on the development of this feature.

Thanks, Jonathan

Sorry, no progress as of yet.

It's no problem to use Cloudflare, but ATM it would need to be setup manually.

Any update on this feature request?

I tried out the open source Cyberpanel (OpenLiteSpeed Server) and they just added this feature. It works great and definitely saves time!

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Submitted by thedaemexco on Mon, 04/27/2020 - 17:38 Pro Licensee

This feature would be a fantastic addition to the already powerful Webmin! CloudFlare is used by a majority of our clients and it just seems like an essential tool for many. If there is a way to integrate it directly into Webmin/Virtualmin... then clients won't need to log into their CloudFlare manually every time and it would make technical assistance much easier because we are able to access their CloudFlare settings all in one place. Vouch for this!

+1 Would love to see a good CloudFlare integration. Maybe a possibility to edit DNS-records per virtual server through CloudFlare?

+1 I'd love to see this plugin/addon too. I also have used the Cloudflare cpanel plugin for some time and it not only speeds up cpanel servers massively if serving a lot of websites, but also the added security is great too. It would be fantastic to have a similar Virtualmin/Webmin option.