Can't create new servers - ispell or spell commands missing

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Getting the following error when trying to create a new server.? Move from CentOS 6 to CentOS 7 using your migration guide, after that I get the below error when trying to create new virtual servers

Failed to create virtual server : Neither the ispell or spell commands needed to check for dictionary words is installed

I am not able to locate the ispell or spell in the yum update library.

  • Tim


Title: Can't create new servers - i ยป Can't create new servers - ispell or spell commands missing

Try installing the "aspell" package, which should provide ispell.

Alternately, you can turn off the requirement that passwords not be dictionary words.

This is set at Webmin -> System -> Users and Groups -> Module Config -> Password restrictions.

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Hi Jamie

I have installed aspell but get the error that it's dictionary word :( See attached image.

  • Tim

Hi Jamie

I couldn't find the password restriction in the area you pointed out but I located it here instead.

webmin -> webmin -> webmin users -> password restrictions.

Deactivated the following.

Disallow dictionary word passwords?

Then strange thing is that I am using random generated passwords, so there is no wording in it??

An example of the password is : g4RDCkMtStLIbpg

As you can see there is no word in that.

  • Tim

If you go into Webmin -> System -> Users and Groups, there is a gear icon on the top-left... that is the new "Module Config" icon (it no longer has that text though).

Within that, you should see the option that Jamie was mentioning. It's called "Prevent dictionary word passwords?", within "Password Restrictions".