Filemin won't extract zip and tar.gz files


I have experienced a weird problem with using filemin. By right i should be able to extract .zip and tar.gz file directly from filemin. But i have done a fresh install on a new VPS, i can't seems to extract it. I can extract using command line, but can't extract in filemin interface. Please see the attached file for the screenshot.

Through filemin, however, i can compress files to make .zip and tar.gz files

Thanks for any help!



Howdy -- what happens when trying to extract that .zip file? Do you receive an error of some kind?

Also, what user are you logged into Webmin/Virtualmin as? It would need to be as root or another Master Admin in order to extract the file in your screenshot.


I always login as root. It simply doesn't has an option to extract the zip file. I guess somehow the system doesn't recognize the file extension.

Just to verify, are you right-clicking the file?

When I right click a .tar.gz file on my system, it does indeed provide an option to extract.

If not -- what version of Webmin and Authentic are you using there?

Previously i used the virtualmin framed theme. Now i have switched to authentic theme.

For both themes, there is no option to extract the file

I want to attach a screenshot to show the evidence, but this forum doesn't have that feature.

Thank you!

Here is the version information: Webmin: 1.801 Authentic theme: 17.84

I have tried in other VPSs (same VPS provider), and the problem happens to all VPSs.

Thank you very much for your help. I really appreciate!!!

Hmm, I don't seem to be able to reproduce that issue. When right clicking a .tar.gz or .zip file, I'm seeing an Extract option on all the systems I tested.

Be sure to scroll down a bit, it's possible the option just isn't visible on the screen.

However, if that doesn't help, could you take a screenshot of what you see when right-clicking a file, and put it somewhere on the web where we could access it?

Out of curiosity, does it show up if you right click on a .tar.gz file, rather than a .zip file?

Actually you did say above that it does not... just verifying though, that the results are identical. No Extract option in the menu.

I'll look deeper into what could cause that, as so far I don't seem to be able to reproduce it.

Yeah, no extract option for both zip and tar.gz

I have just reinstalled again, and the problem still exists.

If any chance you can fix the problem, please kindly post it here so that i can fix for my server.


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I'm doing some testing to try and determine the cause of that; but I've also added Ilia to this ticket as he may know what the issue there is.

What is the output of these two commands on your server:

which unzip
which tar

Hi, sorry, only now i see your reply. I have been using commandline to extract the zip and tar.gz, so it has been quite okay for me.

root@server2:~# which unzip
root@server2:~# which tar

Thank you. Installing File::MimeInfo did it for me.

FWIW, this was a fairly old webmin/virtualmin installation that lept to Virtualmin 6 with no interim updates. So there might have been something skipped in the upgrade script going from something so old to something so new.