AWS AMI for Autoscaling

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#1 Sun, 05/29/2016 - 21:01

AWS AMI for Autoscaling

Thank you for creating a powerful open source control panel that can run NGINX & PHP 7. This is my first attempt to adopt NGINX, PHP 7 & Virtualmin for production.

I have created an AMI configured with CentOS 7, NGINX, PHP 7 + Virtualmin with appropriate hostname & website.

For testing, when I launch a new instance from the AMI & then login to Virtualmin, it always asks to update IP address. In autoscaling how can new instances automatically update its IP's?

Should I also install cloudmin? The scope of this server is to run 1 site (may have 1 or 2 aliases domain). Any other tip for production environment with autoscaling is appreciated.