Is it possible to use Docker with Virtualmin/webmin ?


I would like to know, is there a easy way to install Virtualmin/webmin in a Docker container ? Is there some tutorial for it ? Do you know some Problems which could appear with Virtualmin combined with Docker ?

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It maybe possible, but due to the large number of ports that Webmin / Virtualmin opens that would need to be connected to the container, it will require a lot of post-install configuration. Also, Virtualmin depends on many servers like Postfix and Apache that are started from init scripts - but Docker containers typically only run a single server process.

Hmm, we've had questions about how to install Docker in Virtualmin -- but never about how to install Virtualmin in Docker :-)

The next Cloudmin release will support Docker, meaning you can download Docker containers using it, and create your own.

I haven't actually tried installing Virtualmin into a Docker container before though. If you give it a try, let us know if you run into any issues, we may be able to offer some advice.

Plesk has Docker integration.

Cloudmin has supported Docker for a few releases now.