What is this page?

Go to Webmin -> Servers and click on Virtualmin SQLite Databases. I am not using SQLite but this page has a wrong content. Please see the attachment. There is not label for button and strage it is a feedback request. This needs a fix.



Click on the green button and see what is happening.

That is odd .. did you just click on the "SQL Database" link to get that feedback page?

How strange. I did not get any reply by email from this Forum for providing you an answer in time. I just upgraded Webmin and came back to see where is the location of that issue place. Yes, that link is inserted there without having any SQLLite in my system. When I click on it I get the feedback page. In my opinion this is coming from the new theme. In the old theme there is no link. I am still digging it.

Update: Only on a CentOS is this happening, SQLLite is installed. There is no issue on Debian/Ubuntu flavors. I did not installed on Debian your updates because I was afraid getting this issue, now I can update. SQLLite page should be something related to SQLLite not a feedback page.