Sieve editor

It would be very nice, if there were a sieve editor for users available in Virtualmin / Webmin / Usermin.

We have a few power users and while they are well able to edit their scripts via Thunderbird with Sieve plugin, it would be nice, if a similar editor were available for the Usermin interface and consequently in Virtualmin / Webmin as well.



Is Sieve really more powerful than procmail? We have a pretty full-featured editor for that already in Usermin, and Procmail is well integrated into Virtualmin - so we probably wouldn't add a module for Sieve.

I cannot judge whether Sieve is more powerful than Procmail ... I cannot even tell whether there is a huge user base for it. I can only tell from the few power users that I host (including me) that we could not live without it. Maybe it's worth scrutinizing the pros and cons of both and to keep that in mind. The problem, why I raised this issue, is, that one of the users had no access to his mail program, where he usually manages his scripts and had no way of editing the scripts.