FAIL2BAN weirdness on Centos 7.2 - I suspect latest version is incompatible with the webmin module

I have Virtualmin running on Centos 6.7 with FAIL2BAN and that has been running fine for months

I am migrating to Centos 7.2 and now installing FAIL2BAN (Using the instructions - EPEL)

The installation appeared to work fine

fail2ban.noarch 0.9.3-1.el7 @epel fail2ban-firewalld.noarch 0.9.3-1.el7 @epel fail2ban-sendmail.noarch 0.9.3-1.el7 @epel fail2ban-server.noarch 0.9.3-1.el7 @epel

HOWEVER - The jails are not preconfigured. So for example the filter to use is not configured. Also naming has changed, but I guess that is unhelpful but intentional.

I have attached an example for SSHD.

It seems to be only possible to set 1 action eg iptables-allports (so I can't also send an email for example)

I could of course set the parameters myself. I tried this and when I saved I saw this error:

Failed to save jail : Invalid looking name parameter for action 1

I have set up a rule for sshd by hand in jail.conf and that works fine.

Conclusion: I suspect that fail2ban has changed and the webmin module is incompatible



Could you attach the fail2ban config files from your system to this ticket? It sounds like Webmin isn't handling the format from your distribution properly..