Remove Java File Manager for Virtual Server Admins


I hope that I did the reference to the former issue correctly ... anyway: when I do switch to a Server's Admin User I see the Java File Manager in the Webmin Modules menu. I disabled the Java File Manager as advised for the "normal" users in Webmin - Webmin - Webmin Users, but when I click on a domain admin user, I get the warning "This Webmin user should not be edited as it is managed by the Virtualmin Virtual Servers module. Click here to bypass this warning and edit the user anyway - but beware that any manual changes may be over-written!".

So what is the correct approach? Should I create a Webmin Group for all virtual server admins and specify the available modules there?

Thanks in advance.



The latest Virtualmin should only grant access to the new file manager module, not the old Java one. If this is an old domain, try going to the Edit Virtual Server page and re-saving the domain, and see if that fixes the issue.