FileMin not found


it might be me being blind or unable to find the right switch, but I would really like to use FileMin - but I cannot find it anywhere.

Cheers Vince

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Howdy -- what Webmin version are you using there?

It should normally be available in Webmin -> Others though, in very recent Webmin versions.

I am using Webmin 1.782 and my "Others" shows * Command Shell * Custom Commands * HTTP Tunnel * Java File Manager * Perl Modules * PHP Configuration * Protected Web Directories * System and Server Status * Text Login * Upload and Download and no "Filemin" ...

Make sure that you have access to it, at Webmin -> Webmin Users -> root -> Available modules.

I found it - I am usually disabling any type of admin / root user and using an alternate admin / root account for access and administration - as a measure of precaution. And my admin / root user did not have the option for Filemin checked - now it is checked and works like charm! Nice work!

Now I just wish to uninstall the Java File Manager ... or to manually move it to "Unused Modules" at least ... ^^

You can hide access to the Java file manager on that same "Available modules" page.

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