Joomla update..

In the script summary.. The Joomla versions have issues. (Again)

The Joomla has been active, and the installer is 2 versions behind again. And I have sites that have been updated ( Joomla 3.5) and the sites are still showing the old version in the Script Installer, Script summary. So it is not detecting the that it has been updated..

Joomla is the number two installed script on my servers. The number one installed script is Wordpress. Don



Yes, the install has that.. Good.. It is the script summary that is reading the wrong version. I have sites that were 3.48 and have been updated to 3.5 .. (By the programs, not the server scripts) but the summary still says it is 3.48 and has no idea it has been updated.

Virtualmin doesn't know what the real version is if the script was updated underneath it, unfortunately.

Unless the version has been updated in libraries/joomla/version.php or includes/version.php or libraries/cms/version/version.php under the install dir.

Closed (fixed)