support for multi instanced postfix

My postfix is configured to run three instances - everything fine so far. In Virtualmin UI under Webmin -> Server -> Postfix only the master instance is shown.

Would be some kind of cool configuring all other instances there too. Especially watching and managing the mail queue is much faster and easier in Virtualmin than on console on one's way with smartphone.

Thanks in advance, Kai



Does each postfix instance have it's own and files? Or are you using some special multi-instance feature of Postfix that I'm not familiar with?

the instances have been created with the postmulti command afaik the standard way, every instance has its own directory in /etc with its own and file (created by the postmulti command)


/etc/postfix : master instance with all files - used internal /etc/postfix-in : instance for all ingoing stuff - includes the and for this instance /etc/postfix-out : instance for all outgoing stuff - includes the and for this instance

Does each Postfix instance run its own separate set of servers? If so, maybe this could be supported in Webmin by cloning the Postfix module (at Webmin -> Webmin Modules), and then configuring each clone to use a different directory under /etc

the cloned modules look a little bit strange (old symbols?) but with your tip it now works like a charm for me. Now I am able to view thge different configfiles and mailques directly from virtualmin

thank you very very much

this can be closed as fixed - perhaps after a short mention of this solution for such cases in the docs?