Letsencrpt argparse

Failed to request certificate : <pre>Traceback (most recent call last): File &quot;/usr/libexec/webmin/webmin/acme_tiny.py&quot;, line 2, in &lt;module&gt; import argparse, subprocess, json, os, sys, base64, binascii, time, hashlib, re, copy, textwrap, logging ImportError: No module named argparse </pre>


Which python version do you have installed there?

It seems python-argparse wasn't installed. Webmin should check for that package.

Good suggestion, I will add a check for that.

Hi, I am gett6ing the following error when trying to use LE

"The Python module argparse needed by the built-in Let's Encrypt client is not installed"

Argparse is not installed (that I can see anyway) so is this the same and has it been resolved yet?

Thanks Tim

CentOS Linux 5.11 Webmin version 1.801 Virtualmin version 5.03

The requirement to install python-argparse still exists - I just made the error message in Virtualmin friendlier.

Thanks Jamie.

I try to keep to software as supported by you guys so will the install of python-argparse be included in any future update? It doesn't seem to appear in the repo.

CentOS Linux 5.11 Webmin version 1.801 Virtualmin version 5.03

I'll update our installer to include it - however, on most newer Linux distributions it is there by default already. CentOS 5 is quite old!