ClamAV server is down

beacause of :

  • ClamAV is nonsense
  • server "" is dow

many errors show while VirtualMin installation its better to remove it from your nice package

"framed theme"  is much better than new theme

too many thanks for your efforts

Needs work


Thanks for letting us know, we'll look into the ClamA issue.

What's the exact error message you are getting from ClamAV about ?

There was no possibility to connect to the clamav-servers. Neither via freshclam nor manual. I think it was an issue with their mirror list or something like this (my server tried a lot of different database-servers). Everything ok for me since a few hours - looks like ClamAV fixed the problem

That's good to hear!

I had some problems retrieving the database myself yesterday; looking into it, it looks like they recently pushed out a large update, so they shared a concern that the servers might get hit pretty hard. I'm wondering if that's the issue they're experiencing.