unable to add more ilp addies to my installation

I ahve the following allocation from my provider:

IPs: - Gateway - - Usable IPs - Subnet Mask

I ahve .2 on the mahcine now..when i try to add the other ip addies they do not work...I am not figuring out which subnet mask to use with the additional ip's in the range.



Can you explain further why the IPs cannot be used? If you create a new domain using the .3 IP, what happens?

I ahve to add the .3 to the ma hine first it is not there yet...if i add it and then put a domain on it traffic dies. for each individual additional ip do i use the subnet?

Sorry, I don't quite understand what goes wrong when you use the .3 address for a new domain. Does this break network access to your system completely?

no any domain that gets put onto the additional ip goes nowhere.

it comes down to this. how what netmask should i use for .3 when i enter it into the webmin networking additional ip interface? I do not get the option to add in the gatway and i am not sure the broadcast is going correct either.

You should use the same netmask that you used for your primary IP, which is