Auto install theme updates


I love the new theme and you guys did really an amazing job!!!

However it becomes a bit annoying to update the theme so often - would it be possible to have an "automatically install all theme updates" feature?

PS: Shame that the discussion is on jabbers - I hoped for freenode IRC in order to participate easily ... ^^

Cheers Vince



Webmin comes with a version of the theme. You can simply use the version that comes with Webmin, rather than manually updating it.

I'm not sure what you mean about Jabber and IRC though -- what discussion are you referring to?

I know that I can use the initial theme version - but I want to stay up to date with the Authentic Theme as it is permanently improved - and here an auto update feature would be awesome.

The theme info says "Theme Conference - A chat room is opened for discussions." - would have loved that there were an open channel on freenode. :)

Go to Webmin->Webmin Configuration -> Select "Webmin Themes" Scroll to the bottom, find "System Information page options" -> Change Radio Button for "Check for Authentic Theme updates" to yes. Save. Your done.

this option is already turned on and results in my system information page showing notifications for available updates for the theme - but it does not automatically install the update. Therefore I need to update the theme whenever a new version is available - and this is exactly what I would love to have automated.

I was just looking for an auto update option as well.

"Check for updates" just provides a notification.

I am looking at " Authentic Theme 18.20. Latest available release 18.31 "
And the update button beside it done not work ... Took me to a blank page .. updating theme finish and back to the same place.. still needing 18.31

SHOULDN'T THIS UPDATE IT SELF ?? And why isn't it...
And this I find this looking ... I agree this should be addressed..